TODO A/S represents some of the best pump repair personnel in Denmark, with extensive experience in servicing turbines, generators and pumps from Danish and foreign power stations and oil refineries.

As a result, we are able to provide a professional team of employees who work together to perform the client’s task, delivering first-rate work on time.

We also undertake dismantling and re-installation of rotating equipment; here, we are able to offer a turnkey solution including turning/surface grinding, replacement of pressure seals, rotary shaft seals and bearings, building up with composite, coating, truing and commissioning.

Our teams undertake audits and repairs of turbine installations in some of the largest power stations in Denmark as well as local CHPs, and we are able to put together teams of mechanics, machine operators and turbine fitters, all of whom have many years’ experience in the overhaul of turbines, turbine gears, generators, valves and pumps.

Our teams also undertake repairs during shutdown at refineries and in chemical processing plants, and we undertake systematic and day-to-day maintenance in industrial factory facilities.