Surface treatment

TODO Overfladeteknik ApS is a subdivision of TODO A/S and our divisional general manager René Cebula has been working with composites since 1996.
Ceramic composite can be used as a coating for pumps to reduce energy consumption and extend their service life. The treatment can be applied to new or used pumps.

TODO Overfladeteknik ApS works with several types of surface treatments including composite, epoxy, industrial lacquering, sandblasting and glass-bead blasting, sponge jet, and we offer all types of:

  • Construction and renovation of pumps
  • Wearing surfaces, wear coatings and wear-resistant coatings
  • Hire of painting equipment and sandblasting equipment
  • Glass-bead blasting and sandblasting of turbine and pump components
  • Sponge Jet dust-free and environmentally sound removal of red lead and lead paint